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Monday, June 21, 2010

Greek Town Adventure: Part 2

From Campus Martius we proceeded to Greek Town Casino, which I can't show you pictures of because they're very stern about that sort of thing there.  I hadn't to a casino since my single foray to the one in Windsor during my obligatory 19th birthday Canada trip. (A rite of passage for all young Michiganders!)  The casino was fun, but also disconcerting. The old people hooked up to the slot machines with those cards on the lanyards that look like umbilical cords are disturbing.  Also, you can smoke in there!  It's only a little over a month into Michigan's smoking ban, but this already seems weird.  And then, what did I discover on the second floor? Free Pepsi. That's right....FREE.  There's a fountain on the wall, you can just help yourself.  I felt like I'd stumbled into an alternate reality.  I don't get how they keep people from just hanging out there all day smoking and drinking free pop, especially since it doesn't cost anything to get in.

The actual gambling went by pretty fast.  I lost $12 on slots in about ten minutes, and then I was bored. I have to say, I don't really get the appeal of gambling.  In the movies it always looks kind of glamorous and sexy.  To me it just felt like I'd been very gently mugged by a vending machine.  Nobody there looked like they were having a fantastic time or anything, mostly they just looked grim.

And then, (at last! at last!) I had my very first ride on Detroit's People Mover.  It was... hot.  And a little smelly.  But Thrilling!  We went in a little circle from Greek Town, around downtown and back.  It does give you a pretty nice view of down town, including a particularly cool glimpse of Tiger Stadium, which was all lit up and full of fans as we rode by.

And that concluded our Greek Town Adventure!  We meandered back to our heavenly parking place, far above the casino, and fought post-game traffic from Tiger Stadium all the way home.  Truly Detroit is a magical, magical place.

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