librarians having good times...despite a broken foot

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greek Town Adventure: Part 1

Here it is: Greek Town Adventure, the kick-off event of Project Sweet Life 2010.  I officially had a great time, and several Detroit experiences that were new to me.


We started off with dinner at New Parthenon, the highlight of which was: flaming cheese!  This was seriously good.  I have often said that I think I could probably live pretty happily on bread and cheese, but having the cheese be on fire really gave it an extra special something.  The rest of the meal, to be honest, was a little bland. I had some kind of noodle, feta, spinach block with bechamel sauce.  It was fine. It didn't really compare to the flaming cheese though, either in taste or in presentation.  Certainly nobody yelled "Opa!", or feared for the safety of their eyebrows, when it came to the table.  Anyway, we definitely didn't leave hungry.

After we paid the check we walked a few blocks to Campus Martius. It was a really a perfect evening to be hanging outside.  The temperature was in the seventies and there was a pleasant breeze.  When we first arrived at the park somebody made a joke about all the chairs lined up just facing the fountain, but within minutes we were all happily ensconced in said chairs and it was clear why there were there.  The fountain puts on a nice show.  The whole place is pretty, clean and pleasant with some really nice views of the city. Earlier this year it was named the first winner of the Urban Land Institute's Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award.  (You can read a little about that here, but don't attempt to find the Free Press article, for whatever reason all the links to it I've found seem to be broken. Clearly some kind of cover-up is going on.)  I want to go back to see the ice skating rink they have there in the winter.  Sarah suggested we make skating part of a winter-time PSL follow-up, but I really try to avoid any activity that makes my feet more slippery than they already seem to be since I fall down and run into things quite enough as it is.  I don't want to end up with a boot of my own. (No offense Sarah, your boot is very stylish, I just don't think I could pull it off with as much grace as you do.)  I would like to see it though.

Yes, it was most pleasant to sit there in the park, digesting our Greek food and watching the fountain, admiring the way the setting sun lit up the tall buildings surrounding us.  But the night wasn't over yet...


  1. That statue does not approve of our shenanigans.

  2. It's true, she looks downright reproachful.