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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Greece, at your age, you and that Jane ? It's obscene !

If you are not Lindsay and can name the movie the title came from, you'll get a gold star for the day!

I'd already done everything we did this weekend before, but it's always nice to take someone new around. I remember going to Greektown as a kid with my family. I liked the People Mover, but I didn't like the lemon rice soup. It was a much different place then, in the pre-casino days.

I had the same thing as Lindsay for dinner, Vegetarian Pastitsio. I would like to point out that I ordered it first, and she is a total copycat. I thought it was great and inhaled nearly all of the huge plateful. It is true though that after flaming cheese everything else is boring. I plan to insist that all my meals be served flaming from now on. I like the restaurant we went to, but I will always miss Hella's and the man with the handlebar mustache. (That sentence had two words that I always misspell in it! And I spelled them both wrong.)

The walk to Campus Martius was perfect, since we'd all eaten about 10 pounds of food. It is such a beautiful space. I never think to go there when it's nice out, I've only been there to ice skate in the winter. Now that there's a new cafe, I might be tempted to take my laptop (free wireless!) and hang out. I really like how Lindsay chose to post the picture of me twirling my ponytail when this completely normal picture existed.

Casinos are pretty boring, which is why I initially suggested we just pop in to gamble $5 or so. My family always goes to them for minor holidays...and last year we actually went for Thanksgiving. I put my money into a slot machine and almost immediately won $30. I took my voucher out and was done gambling for the evening. I watched everyone else lose and then drank my free Pepsi ( I never knew about the Pepsi. We're definitely going to have to spend more time hanging around the casino) while everyone else had a public smoke.

There was a lot going on downtown, so the People Mover was actually crowded. I'm used to having a whole car more or less to myself, so it was annoying not to be able to sit in the seats with the best view and move around at will. Still, I love the people mover. I hope they extend it someday so it can be useful.

The Farmer and I went to Greektown on our third date. We did most of the things that we all did last weekend, with one extra bit of awesome: we went to see a psychic. She asked what we wanted to know, and I told her we were on our 3rd date and wanted to know how she saw things going for us. She pretty much said that I'm a bitch (she may have said something more along the lines of opinionated or used to getting my way) and he's a pansy, so it would probably work out. She was right!


  1. I decided to order it before you did. Just because you got to say it first is no reason for name-calling.

    Also, I prefer the shot of you twirling your ponytail.

    Thanks for showing me around, it was really fun! We'll have to think of something awesome you've never done that I can introduce you to.

  2. Any time! I love showing people the pretty parts of Detroit.

    This is very fun so far, I can't wait to do more stuff.